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Askhat Akhmetov

painter, Kazakhstan


Dear friends,
     I would like to introduce you my paintings. They are made in the mixed technique: oil, acrilic, gold on canvas or cardboard. The style I would call "decorative naivety". While working, I am inspired with the traditions of the oriental arts andcrafts and easten miniature. In my pictures I am trying to express wisdom and beauty of our world, love to it, to essences living here.

     Askhat Akhmetov was born in 1960 in the city of Astana (Northern Kazakhstan). He began to draw in his childhood. In 1975 he has won the first price in the competition of young artists in the city of Astana. In 1976 Askhat began to work at the art ceramics factory where mastered various art techniques (mosaic, ceramics, stamping, woodcarving). 1982 - studies at the design school in the city of Astana.
     Since 1985 Askhat exposed his paintings at the collective exhibitions in cities of Alma - Ata , Astana, Karaganda. In 1987 he began to be fond of tiny painting and from 1991 to 1993 created a collection consisting of 2500 miniatures. Simultaneously he was engaged in small sculptures and cuts out from wood about 60 nececkes. Askhat continues to practice easel painting at the same time. In 1993 Askhat moves to Prague where develops the unique style of painting, based on the oriental traditions. Since 1993 his works are exposed in various galleries of Europe and Asia (London, Dublin, Helsinki, Istanbul, Budapest). His pictures are now in the private collections worldwide.

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