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     Born in Chomutov, 26. October 1977. Soon after birth moved with his parents to Prague, where he lives today. His creative career started as an enthusiastic amateur in early nineties, on borrowed digital camera from Hewlett and Packard. Since then he worked his way up from the borrowed camera up to the digital reflex camera Canon 50D and professional lenses, which allow him to capture the day-to-day triviality as well as extraordinary detail and beauty, which is often passed unnoticed.
     In irregular interval he travels the world with his parents. From these trips he has a collection of pictures on which his evolution as a photographer is apparent.
     Thanks to his language skills he makes living not only as an information technologies specialist, but also as translator, commentator, glossarist and occasional writer. The colourful spectrum of his interests allows him to interconnect the fields of linguistics, photography and information technology in such a way, which reflects his remarkable personality and playful temperament.
     He perceives life positively, is grateful for the luxury of our civilization, which allows him to study, work and have fun, without having fear of his life, health or future. His creative works shows this ever-positive life attitude, and tries to induce the warm feeling of life in his amiable clients.
     His disciples admire him for his approach to solving problem from unusual angles, his patience and abilitiy to explain incomprehensible matters comprehensibly, in relation to what his disciples already know. He strongly influences his disciples by his perception of world and reality, but he is glad when each of his students eventually finds his own unique perspective and style of creative expression. Jan is a strong individualist, and after teaching his disciples the basic rules, he supports their individual development, although it is not always in perfect „harmony“ with him. He strives for being a patient and passionate teacher at first, then a factual mentor, in whom his disciples always find a support, should they be uncertain about things in their lives.
Currently, he works and teaches in Prague, as a personal mentor and information technologies specialist.

Jan "Puník" Reichel

photographer, Czech republic

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