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Vilém Janoušek

Artistic craftsman, porcelain painter,

Czech republic




    Vilém Janoušek, the succesor of family tradition of artistic porcelain painting started his first steps at the age of seven, in his uncle workshop, where he met with the arts for the first time.

     He didn’t forget his child wishes, and started his study on artistic school in Prague, which he finished in 1980.

     Janoušek’s artistic porcelain painting is based on traditional european school, be it school German, Wienna, French or Italian. He honors traditional artistic work processes in his craft, but he also tries his own creative ways.

    Janoušek’s color palette has very refined, very subtle style, giving to his hand painting personal and characteristic tone of the work. The subtle tones of colors and perfect crafting technique is underlined by the finesse of his strokes.

    Janoušek’s works are known thanks to his individuality in European Union, Africa, Asia, Australia and USA. His most prominent countries of export are Germany, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, and France.

     He currently works on another of his projects, where he wants to incorporate another of his individual conceptions into hand painted porcelain.


František Tomáš Turek, Aa

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