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Valerij Gudimenko

painter, Russia

     Valeriy Gudimenko belongs to modern European painters who follows the traditions of French and Russian impressionists being inspired by their art.

     At present the master is temporarily living and working in Prague, but he sometimes visits other European countries.

He has gained a large experience working in the unions of Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh painters.

     The artistic creations of this master-landscape and portrait paintings - také up a speciál position in the context of the European painting development. He is noted for his style of painting in the open air.

     His landscapes are realistic, classical, clear. He does not break the space, he does not try to strike the audience creating something supernatural.

     The reality of nature in masteťs paintings has the ease and eminence of atmospheric changes of the nature. The painter has a wonderful sense of colour, he possesses a high technique of oil painting and drawing in pencil. His picturesque essays are astounding: they are delicate, it seems that only the painteťs inspiration has created them. His painting is impressive in its own way: small touches, the richness of shades, the delicacy of tones. In V. Gudimenko's pictures the water surfaces of rivers and lakes sparkle, the beauty of trees, flowers and roads strikes.

     The art critics appreciate the play of natural light and especially the inner music of light waves in his pictures. The painter does not depict the exterior resemblance of nature but like other great masters he tries to find the rhythm and vibrations of the natural atmosphere. Nature is a divine force in his art. In people's portraits the painter shows their soul, character and individualism. Spiritual power is always present in Gudimenko's portraits.

     There is no formal depicting of people in his portraits. On the contrary the master realizes the difference between a portrait and a photograph. Thaťs why he wonderfully renders a human soul and the state of mind in his portraits.



Prof. PhDr. Miroslav Klivar, CSc,

World Information Distributed University Brusel,

Member of the European Organization
art Critics AICA, Paris


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