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Jana Čáslavská

photographer, Czech republic




About photographer


     Jana Čáslavská was born in Olomouc, in 1970. Her former profession is hotel manager. She is not one of those, who have discovered her photographic talent early on as a child, in fact the path to her discovery was quite long. Jana is doing photography for quite a few years, but since her life turnover in 2009 she has fallen in love with photography, and is striving for the best pictures ever since. Although she works in very interesting and creative field, she is also enjoying the photography very much, and is also a professional photographer.


     Photography is a unique possibility for her, to capture certain moments of life and emotions in our lives. That is why she tries to fully empathize with her clients, so the important moments of their lives are captured as they feel they should. She uses Canon 50D with 24-70 lens.


     Although she was starting as a landscape photographer, currently she focuses mainly on portraits of people, families, children and babies. She also gives special care to photography of pregnant women and acts.

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