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Vladimir Cviliniuk

painter, professor, Ukraine


     Was born in 1954 at Zeljonoe, region Ivano-Frankovsk at the territory of Western Ukraine. He finished his studies at the Crimea Education Esthablishment of Fine Arts (1969-1973) with honours. He was studying at the Ukraine Academy of Fine Arts (Kiev) for six yearsand at the end of his study he obtained the degree of Magister of Fine Arts.Three years later, in 1982 he was invited by the Ukraine Academy, to become a Professor for composition. In 1987 he was accepted as member of the    Union of Professionale artists of Ukraine. After 10 years of successful teaching in Kiev, Vladimir
     Cvilinjuk obbtained the degree of Associate Professor of Academy of Fine Arts. In 1994 the artist: with his famil moved to Prague, Czech Republic.

     Today is Vladimir Cvilinjuk european artists. He is visiting teacher at the Prague University of Arts from 2001. Currently works as independent painter and graphic artist. The moving spirit behind many cultural projects and artistic activities. He was awarded in 2000 the Prize of Salvador Dalí from the Aliance Salvador Dalí international and The European medal of Franz Kafka from The European circle „Franz Kafka" in Prague. His works can be found in collections throughout the european countries, Asia, the Middle East, the United States as well as east Europe, Japan ao. When evaluating the role of dream in the artist's work, let us remember conception of psychology of subconsciousness with dream as symbol. He is pasionate about expressing the magie of light and the mystery of the Prague's landscape. He became inspirated by the russian avantgarde, particurarly by „cubo-futurism." Cvilinjuk's painting and drawings reflect the influence of Marc Chagall. But Cvilinjuk's painting are more expressive and stylized. Vladimir Cvilinjuk has also been an artistic consultant for various galleries and commercial companies in Europe.



Prof. PhDr. Miroslav Klivar, CSc,
World Information Distributed University Brusel,
Member of the European Organization art Critics AISA, Paris

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