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Tigran Sukiasjan

painter, sculptor, Armenia



Tigran Sukiasjan was born in Armenia 1959, he entered the ,,Mukhin" academy of art in St.Petersburg in 1978. After finishing his formal study he had been trained three years in Italy. Then he returned back to St. Petersburg where he atarted to create pieces of art in his own style. He made numerous was moders for casting art workshops and jewelley companies. In 1987 he was invited to participate in restoration of historical values of St. Petersburg region. Prior to coming to Prague, Tigrans paitings and bronze made castings were exhibited in National state Galleries in Russia, besides he had his individual exhibitions in Komo, Milan, Hamburg, Berlin, Helsinki, Los Angeles. Modern Art museum of Normandy (France). Tigran original paintings are permanent residents for six years in Hamburg ,,Insitute of Coloratherapie" were they are finding real lovers of relaxing colors in his style.

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