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Intercontinental exhibition

Youth in action


     The intention of the exhibitions for children and youth is to involve the pupils and students in artistic works, informal education, implementation in creative education and developing their personal knowledge and skills. The "getting know to"of world cultures and intercultural teachings, the interest of their surroundnings and world events.

     The artistic works of pupils and students can help overcome the gaps in understanding between nations, between cultures. It can also help them understand common sense about different world cultures on the field of art, literary creations, sport and political events at home, or abroad. Everyone will be probably pleased, when he finds his work on international exhibition, attended by professional artists also. Artists, who proved themselves on the grounds of artistic world, and whose works give joy and spiritual beauty to people attending the exhibitions, and are also able to support the idea of "Children, the victim of violence and terror".

     We hope, that this exhibition will lead You to Your inner thoughts, on how different views and cultural feelings of different nations shape and change, what is common to them.


Prof. PhDr. Miroslav Klivar, CSc,
World Information Distributed University Brusel,
Member of the European Organization art Critics AICA, Paris

František Tomáš Turek, Aa

Open Society of Artists president
WUC Executive Head, Art Director

founder of the project Madame Humanité

      Dear friends of culture and intercultural understanding,


     Open Society of Artists – World Union of Culture is announcing 10th year of international Fine Art and Literature Competition for youth and children, which continues the exhibition named „Children, the victim of violence and terror“.



     “Everything which is beautiful, is just as useful as that,

     what is just useful.“


For the 10th year, we have chosen the topics:


Fine Art and Literature Competition




  • My friends

  • My favorite animal

  • Flowers

  • Landscape

  • Still life

  • Portrait




  • „How I see Madame Humanité”

  • „Pretty things around us”

  • „Me, my family and my country”

  • „My most beautiful experience”

  • „My country, culture and art”


     The works of students at the abovementioned topic will be displayed on international exhibition. The best arts of students will be appraised by the prize of Open Society of Artists sculpture or annual medals – „Madame Humanité“ for year 2023.





Sculpture              „Madame Humanité“      9x Fine Art and Literature Competition

Annual medals     „Madame Humanité“     80x Fine Art Competition

Annual medals     „Madame Humanité“     30x Literature Competition



The following student works will be accepted for the upcoming exhibition:



   Fine Art Competition


- format A4, A3

- form

• drawing – pencil, coal, pastel, chalk

• collage

• painting - tempera, aquarel

• photography

• combined techniques

• sculptures, plastics, up to the height of 40 cm



     Literature Competition


     For the literary competiton, short literary works will be accepted, in 1 A4 norm page (1500 – 1800 characters).


     The topic is identical with the art competition.


     Please send the literary works in Your native language and in English translation.

   Categories for youth and children:


1.     6 – 9 years old

2.   10 – 15 years old

3.   16 – 20 years old





• Individuals: Name, age, address of residency, phone, e-mail, and the name of the art piece

• Schools, hobby clubs: Name, address, phone, e-mail of the club or school, class and age of the children, name of the  teacher, and the name of the art piece.

We accept a maximum of two works from each author.

deadline for receiving the works is 30.6.2023



   International Exhibition „Madame Humanité“ 2023


   Project roadmap:


- announcement of the exhibition                 01.03. 2023

- deadline for receiving the works is        30.06. 2023 (MH , RH)

- Winners selection by OSoA                        31.08. 2023 (MH , RH)

- international exhibition                            PRAGUE - October 2023

- Awards ceremony                                    October 2023  -  PRAGUE




     Privacy legal information

     All received works respect the law of Czech republic regarding protection of personal data, law No. 101/2001 Sb., as well as further law regulations.


By submitting your work to Madame Humanité you agree to GDPR. Otherwise, do not submit your work to Madame Humanité.

     Participants allow the use of their personal data that the Organising Committee necessitate for the contest or for legal and associative reasons. Personal data will also be used by the Organising Committee to diffuse contest results and information about future contests.


     The works will not be returned and the copyright of the works is transferred to Open Society of Artists. The best selected works will be processed by artists of Open Society of Artists on a professional level, in form of oil painting, sculpture or plastics (materials marble, bronze), and will be included in the fond of galerie „Madame Humanité“.


     The decision of Madame Humanité Jurors is final.


     The jury reserves the right to assign special prizes and the right to withhold some awards if the quality of submitted art works is not satisfactory.


The exhibition of project „Madame Humanité“ will be held

in October 2023 in Prague - Castle Chvaly.




František Tomáš Turek – Czech

Gérard Gratadour – France

Valerij Gudimenko – Russia

Aschat Akmetov – Kazakhstan

Milan Riecky – Slovakia

Petr Ziga– Czech




   The intent of the project is to involve the students in the artworks, informal education, involvement in creative activities, and the development of their personal knowledge and abilities. The exploration of world cultures and intercultural teaching, the interest of their surroundings and the world events.

    Artworks of students may help to bring closer understanding between nations, cultures and may raise the common knowledge about different world cultures in the fields of arts, literature, sport and political events at home or abroad. We hope this exhibition will let the visitors ponder, about how the cultural perspectives change and how is cultural feeling defined and what is the common ground for this feeling among different cultures.



Academician Prof. PhDr. Miroslav KLIVAR                                         František Tomáš Turek, Aa

World Information Distributed University Brusel                                  Madame Humanité   President

                                                                                                                           founder of the project Madame Humanité

Mark – Madame Humanité 2023




Madame Humanité

Jeremenkova 1013/54

Praha 4 – Braník

147 00

Česká republika



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